Coping With Bipolar Disorder: Getting Therapy

According to statistics, more than 50 million people have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This is a mental disease that many people try to deal with on their own because of the stigma that many people do not understand their condition. However, for the sufferers, private help for bipolar disorder is now available in the form of counseling or medication, or can also be a combination of both.

Those who have been diagnosed with this condition are often faced with symptoms of moodiness and sometimes, even hallucinations and suicidal thoughts, which could interfere with daily activities. It is also common for patients to suffer in the area of relationships. But, thanks to counseling, it is now possible to live as a bipolar disorder patient without being caught in the trap of emotional circus. What to expect from counseling?

Your psychologist may prescribe cognitive behavioral therapy to help treat your condition. This type of treatment seeks to change destructive thoughts and instead, turn these into helpful ones. Many patients can attest that this type of help for bipolar disorder have changed their life for the better. Some counselors are now using more advanced techniques. For example, the schema therapy combines the best of cognitive-behavioral, psychoanalytic, interpersonal, and experiential therapies into a single model.

Now, if you are a bipolar patient, you don’t have to go through the burden on your own. Having a social support is crucial to help you cope. According to some counselors, it is important to bring along family members for therapy sessions because it is common for other family members to be upset by the bipolar disorder patient because of the seemingly uncontrollable symptoms. They should be included in your quest to finding help for bipolar disorder because this will help them understand what you are going through. Family members who take counseling deal with the affected person better than they used to.

Therapists also teach bipolar patients coping techniques so that they are able to take care of themselves better. From this alone, patients would be given an idea if they were already in the brink of a relapse, helping them get much needed help when necessary.

Are you a bipolar disorder patient? Don’t suffer in silence. While there is still no permanent solution to your problem, you can get the symptoms under control with the help of medical intervention. Seek help from a psychologist in Bondi Junction immediately – it is still possible for you to live a normal life.

Life is sometimes ironic that there are individuals who can’t manage stress or depression. If a loved one is triggered with bipolar disorder or any mental illness, get help. Contact

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